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Our Mission

Whilst trying to identify how weight training could help the performer, we began to look into dance practitioner Rudolf Laban. Laban believed that the three dimensional body was surrounded by an imaginary sphere, known as the kinesphere and everything surrounding an individual which is including four dimensional objects is known as the spatial kinesphere. With this we identified that the muscular tension created by lifting weights can alter one’s Kinesphere (meaning one’s body) to achieve an ideal physique.

As many performers are aware, in the industry, having tension is considered a “bad trait” that you need to get rid of. When looking further into Laban’s practice he identifies that tension is what sustains all structures or “Kinesphere” as it holds the body together, it is the difference between the dimensional scales.

Additionally, looking into the fitness industry we began to see a pattern, realising if we use exercises to place tension in certain areas of the body we can create necessary tension. By doing this it can create ideal performer habits such as good postural alignment with minimal upper body tension; creating the perfect PT programme for performers in order to achieve an ideal physique.

Thus the Performers Preparation Programme was Born.

Are you ready to transform your body?