Hello, how can we help you?

The signup for online coaching is either for 12 weeks or 90 days with the majority of people resigning. The reason we do this as we feel that 12 weeks is a perfect length of time to completely transform a physique.

This is completely dependent on the level of service that you require, all of which will be discussed on your strategy call with the coach you’re working with. All plant costs range between £1-£3 a day.

Your training program is delivered on my PT hub, an app which we have personalised in accordance with our business model. Everything in accordance to your whole plan will be found on here, as it allows you to track your progress and feedback on the sessions with your trainer.

We believe along with a healthy lifestyle comes a happy lifestyle which is why we try to keep things as similar to what you are doing now as possible. With our tailored nutrition plans we tailor it around what the individual enjoys and already is eating, whilst creating a healthy balance within this diet in relation to an individual’s macro nutrients. In simple terms you can enjoy your food and your lifestyle in a more controlled environment in order to receive great results!

Yes any plan can be paid in installments, although to set this up you will need to speak to one of our team to set up a direct debit schedule.