What makes us different? Our work, our passion and our people.

Meet Nathan

Nathan Gautry is an actor and specialist body transformation trainer based in south east London. Nathan founded the Performers Preparation Programme during his time training at Rose Bruford College. Whilst training Nathan identified how many teachers, particularly voice and movement teachers Would steer pupils away from weight training, and gyms due to the unnecessary tension It causes the body.

Nathan Wanted to prove this to be wrong, so whilst writing his research dissertation for his degree Nathan began to identify through different areas of the arts, that tension is what holds the structure Of The body, and Supports movement and vocal quality in performance. The key is to make sure when training to improve the physique, that the tension needs is placed in certain areas of the body.

Once Nathan discovered this the Performers Preparation Programme was born.

Meet James

Successful Kent based PT and the brains behind the business, James’ fitness journey when founding BodyByVogle before Co-founding the Performers Preparations Programme.
Growing up in Kent James had dreams of becoming a professional footballer, but after sustaining a serious break to his wrist which didn’t mend properly, he decided to take a different path.

Years down the line James’ passion for weight training grew. Becoming a personal trainer whilst studying physical education and sports science, James had dreams of becoming a sports teacher but on his final year realized his gift in business and personal training. It was this that led to the creation of BodyByVogle.

Mentored under successful entrepreneur Elliot Wise, James’ business skyrocketed in the realm of body transformation, using both online training and 1-1 personal training and has transformed the physiques and lives of 200+ people.

Meet Rosina

Rosina Viscomi is a passionate dance instructor and personal trainer that is committed to bringing dance into people’s lives as a part of a healthy lifestyle, building confidence and sharing the freedom of movement.

She began her journey in Myself UK Dance Company while studying Urban Dance at the University of East London. She has performed at some of London’s biggest dance events such as; Breaking Convention Sadler’s wells, Miss Caribbean UK, Collide, Restec, Move it, Hot Steppers, Eyes Closed Ears Covered The Bunker Theatre as well as working with artists such as Vybz Kartel, Lisa Mercedez, Afro B and Kmore.

Rosina created WHINE YA WAISTLINE as a way of empowering women through movement, helping them to lose weight, learn dancehall steps & winin’ drills, embody the female presence in performance and have better control of their bodies.